How does the Stratis ICO Platform bring value to STRAT?

The Stratis ICO Platform is a way for companies to crowdfund their project through an ICO. The platform allows the user to invest in an ICO using 50+ of the most popular cryptocurrencies. However, every cryptocurrency which isn’t STRAT or BTC will be converted into STRAT automatically through Changelly. Changelly does this by buying STRAT directly from a number of exchanges. The Stratis ICO Platform allows an ICO to receive up to 400 BTC. Any BTC over this number will be converted into STRAT via Changelly.

Hopefully it’s not too hard to see how the Stratis ICO Platform will introduce value to STRAT. If a company using the Stratis ICO Platform raises $20m through an ICO, that is $20m dollars worth of STRAT (minus whatever is raised in BTC up to 400 BTC) being either bought off the market or sent into the ICO. If the company also opts for a lock-up period (which is commonplace) for the received funds, then this STRAT could be locked out of supply for a long time as well. Both of these will induce scarcity, the first through an increase in demand and the second through a drop in effective supply, for STRAT. Scarcity is what drives the value of a coin, which could mean the Stratis ICO Platform could generate a lot of value for STRAT.