Introduction to the Stratis Investor FAQ

What is the goal of this FAQ?

This FAQ is intended for anyone who is interested in investing in the Stratis cryptocurrency or anyone who is already invested. It is meant as a one stop shop for answers to the most common questions asked by the investment community and by potential investors. It assumes no prior knowledge of crypto and attempts to be as self-contained and comprehensive as possible without getting too bogged down in the details. To this end, the answers are quite high level, with links to lower level reading where appropriate.

The FAQ is not intended for customers of Stratis Group Ltd, nor is it for anyone looking to develop on top of or use the Stratis Platform. Stratis Group Ltd have produced their own documentation targeted towards developers in the Stratis Academy. Similarly, the community-driven Stratis Development Foundation was set up to educate and reward Stratis community members for work that they do.

This FAQ is written and maintained by members of the Stratis community. If there is anything you think is missing or anything which you think should be changed, let us know on Discord, Reddit or Telegram. Please join us just to say hello even if you have nothing to say about the FAQ.

Terminology used in the FAQ

To avoid confusion we’ll lay down some ground rules for terminology throughout the FAQ.

  • When referring to a cryptocurrency as a whole, the name of the cryptocurrency will be capitalised, e.g. Bitcoin, Stratis
  • When referring to the coin of a cryptocurrency, we’ll use the ticker symbol, e.g. BTC, STRAT
  • We will refer to the company who started Stratis as Stratis Group Ltd, and to their suite of products as being encompassed by the Stratis Platform

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