What are orphans and what can I do to try to reduce the number of orphaned blocks I get?

An orphan occurs when two staking nodes forge a new block at almost exactly the same time. If the block information is not passed on quickly enough, then some other staking wallet may receive the staking reward for that block, and you will receive nothing (which is what we call the orphan). There are some steps you can take to try to reduce the number of orphaned blocks:

    • Make sure you have 16 connections. If you have fewer than 3 connections your chance of receiving orphans may be increased.
    • If your computer is running very slow it can increase the number of orphans you receive. The more coins you collect the more important it is to get things running efficiently so that blocks get solved and reported on the network as soon as possible.
    • Older wallets with many transactions may start to slow down. By sending your coins to a new address and importing that address into your wallet you can “start afresh” and should receive fewer orphaned blocks.