What is Stratis?

Stratis is the cryptocurrency which constitutes the underlying blockchain and network of the Stratis Platform. The coin native to Stratis is STRAT. Stratis is a Proof of Stake C# rewrite of the Bitcoin protocol. One thing which sets Stratis apart from all other cryptocurrencies is the fact that it is written from the ground up in C#. The Full Nodes that serve the Stratis network are fully C#. Also, the Full Nodes are modular. A developer building on top of Stratis can pick and choose from the services of the Stratis Platform to suit their application. Moreover, when developing and auditing their application they will have access to the full suite of tools available in normal C# / .NET development. You can read in more depth about this powerful property of Stratis and the Stratis Platform and why it is unique to them here.

Stratis at a glance:

  • Coin: STRAT
  • Circulating supply of STRAT: 99m (up to date and exact number found here)
  • Market Capitalization: Found here
  • Consensus Mechanism: Proof of Stake
  • Block time: 64s
  • Newly minted STRAT per forged block: 1 STRAT
  • Yearly STRAT inflation: Currently ~0.5%, decreases over time
  • Maximum throughput: Anywhere between 33 tps and 67 tps on the Stratis mainchain. Sidechain maximum throughput is up to the sidechain creator. 

A lot more information, including a Stratis blockchain explorer, can be found here.