What is the Stratis ICO Platform?

Stratis ICO Platform | Stratis Academy: ICO Platform | Stratis Discord for general info in the #ico_general channel

The Stratis ICO Platform is a secure crowdfunding platform that allows projects to raise funds for their ICO. It is the first blockchain application available on the Azure Marketplace. The platform simplifies the crowdfunding process and eliminates the opportunity for scam addresses to be posted to steal investors’ funds. A project running an ICO can deploy the Stratis ICO Platform to Azure, customise the design to suit their project and securely accept funds for their ICO. The platform is blockchain agnostic. This means that a project using the Stratis ICO Platform is not limited in the nature of its coin or token offering: they can, for example, release an Ethereum based token or a coin native to their own blockchain once the ICO period is over. In this way, Stratis Group Ltd has not limited the potential adoption of the Stratis ICO Platform.

The Stratis ICO Platform allows users to invest in an ICO using 50+ of the most popular cryptocurrencies but only allows companies running an ICO to receive STRAT and up to 400 BTC (see Why will up to 400 BTC not be converted into STRAT by the Stratis ICO Platform?). All other currencies invested will be converted into STRAT automatically using Changelly.

This is the second iteration of the Stratis ICO Platform. Future releases will include changes to the structure of the investment allowances as well as changes in response to feedback. Eventually, it may also support token issuance using Stratis’s smart contracts and sidechain founding as well, once these features ready for integration.

The Stratis ICO Platform, as with the other features of the Stratis Platform, has built in mechanisms for rewarding STRAT investors. A breakdown of how this works with the Stratis ICO Platform can be found here.