What is the Stratis Platform?

The Stratis Platform is an open source collection of services made by Stratis Group Ltd which utilise the Stratis network. The goal is to provide all the tools a user would need to “make blockchain easy” for them. The platform is built from the ground up in C# so as to make the most of the C# / .NET ecosystem and the wealth of tools available there to developers. Different applications will require different components and the Stratis Platform is designed to provide a one stop shop for a customer or developer wishing to utilise the technology of the space. It is the “Service” in Blockchain as a Service.

As things stand, the Stratis Platform includes:

New features can be introduced to the Stratis Platform to keep the service competitive as new technologies are developed for the cryptocurrency space.

As an example, an enterprise customer could spin a sidechain for a dApp (a decentralised application) funded through the ICO Platform with functionality built in using smart contracts all the while with users’ privacy protected by the Breeze Privacy Protocol. The list of possibilities is extensive and the modular nature of Stratis’s Full Nodes turns it into a sort of blockchain lego: if you can imagine it, then you can build it.

From an investor’s perspective, it is important to know that each of the features of the Stratis Platform has been designed to introduce value to STRAT. The STRAT section of the FAQ goes into each of these in detail, tl;dr: as each of the features is used, value is introduced to STRAT. The features have this as a built in consequence of usage.