What is the value proposition for STRAT as an investment?

STRAT is the fuel of the Stratis Platform. Each of the services of the Stratis Platform has been designed to impact the scarcity of STRAT when they are used. A more general discussion about the scarcity of a resource and its effect on price can be found here. For STRAT in particular, the value proposition comes from the fact that you need STRAT if you want to use the technology of the Stratis Platform. If you want to execute or deploy a Stratis smart contract, you need STRAT. If you want to use a sidechain, you need STRAT and you need to lock that STRAT out of supply. If you want to operate a Masternode, you need STRAT and need to lock that STRAT up for as long as you are operating the Masternode. If you want to participate in an ICO which is crowdfunding through the Stratis ICO Platform then any coins you send in besides STRAT and BTC will be converted into STRAT. More detailed breakdowns of the way usage of each of the features of the platform introduce value to STRAT can be found in answers to questions in this section.

There is one particularly important question you should be able to answer when choosing to invest in a cryptocurrency: “why will I be able to sell my coins to someone else at a higher price than I bought them for?” If you can’t answer that question, you’re not investing: you’re gambling. Hopefully the answers to the questions in this section will provide a good starting point for an answer to that fundamental question for investment. In essence, with enough usage of the Stratis Platform, someone will buy your coins off you at a higher price than you bought them for because they will want to use the coins to utilise something built on top of the platform.