Where can I keep my STRAT?

Cryptocurrency coins are kept in wallets. There are many wallets you can choose from to hold STRAT, but we will concentrate on four which fulfil different requirements. It is important to remember that you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your coins. Each of the following four wallets are perfectly safe if used responsibly.

Staking Wallet: Stratis Core

Stratis Core | Stratis Academy: Stratis Core | Stratis Discord for support in the #full_node channel

Stratis Core is the staking wallet for STRAT. It was built by Stratis Group Ltd to allow STRAT investors to hold their STRAT and be rewarded for helping to secure the Stratis network through staking. This wallet is a Full Node and so downloads the whole Stratis blockchain, which is currently about 1.6 Gb in size. Stratis Group Ltd are building out a cold staking solution which will be available within the Stratis Core wallet once the majority of staking is done using the wallet. Stratis Core is Hierarchical Deterministic.

Lightweight Wallet: Breeze Wallet

Breeze Wallet | Stratis Academy: Breeze Wallet

The Breeze Wallet is a lightweight wallet. This means that it does not download the full blockchain like Stratis Core does. Breeze does not allow you to stake STRAT. Breeze is a multi-chain wallet and supports both STRAT and BTC, which means you can hold both STRAT and BTC in the same wallet. Breeze also supports the Breeze Privacy Protocol which allows you to make your activity private by tumbling your coins. It was built by Stratis Group Ltd to allow users to hold their STRAT and BTC in a lightweight wallet and introduce privacy to their Bitcoin activity. Breeze is Hierarchical Deterministic.

Hardware Wallet: Ledger Wallet

Ledger Wallet

The Ledger Wallet is a separate piece of hardware which allows you to store your STRAT away from your computer and not connected to the internet. This is known as cold storage. People opt for cold storage if they want an added layer of security for their STRAT. Having their STRAT offline and away from any computer which is connected to the internet makes it very, very difficult for someone to steal your coins. You cannot stake from a Ledger Wallet.

Mobile Wallet: Coinomi


Coinomi allows you to keep your STRAT on a mobile wallet. For some, the convenience of having your coins on their mobile is an attractive prospect. You cannot stake from the Coinomi wallet, the staking wallet is the Stratis Core.