Why did Stratis Group Ltd build out the Breeze Privacy Protocol?

The Breeze Privacy Protocol was a big undertaking. Stratis Group Ltd wanted to build out this privacy protocol for Bitcoin for a number of reasons. First, Stratis has a close relationship with Bitcoin: Stratis is itself a port of the Bitcoin Core architecture and so improvements brought to Bitcoin can be more easily brought to Stratis as well. Secondly, Stratis Group Ltd are targeting enterprises with their Blockchain as a Service. Many enterprises want a level of privacy that Bitcoin cannot afford them. The Breeze Privacy Protocol is Stratis Group Ltd’s solution to lowering this particular barrier to enterprise adoption. Thirdly, the Breeze Privacy Protocol Masternodes (which perform the tumbling service) are a way of rewarding STRAT holders. They require a collateral of 250,000 STRAT plus 5 BTC and pay the node operator the tumbling fees inherent to the TumbleBit protocol.